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Naturist Massage

***ATTENTION PLEASE: The massage service is temporarily suspended due to technical reasons, the service will be back as soon as possible. Thank you

La Maison is pleased to offer our members our special naturist Californian massage (for men and women), on the following days:

Reservations are directly taken at the club. You can not interact with the masseurs.
Massage for pure pleasure is the philosophy of Californian massage, the most sensual of all massages, and there’s nothing better at hamonising the body and mind. Californian massage is a sensual massage. You are either naked or just keep your underwear on, and the body is enveloped and massaged in essential oils.
The massage movements are slow and thorough, and are followed by light touches, kneading and stretching. The hands work in an harmonious choreography on the body. The masseur respects and follows the body’s meridian lines, reflex points and muscular traces.
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